Indiana Pipeline Lawyers

Experienced Indiana Pipeline Attorneys

We have a long history of advising and representing interstate and intrastate pipeline companies in the acquisition of easements and related rights-of-way for the construction of pipeline facilities in Indiana. Our Indiana pipeline attorneys handle all matters involving pipeline projects, including securing rights to install pipelines across the State of Indiana, regulatory compliance and right-of-way acquisition through the use of eminent domain.

Legal Services Relating to Pipelines

Hackman Hulett LLP attorneys assist interstate natural gas, natural gas liquids, petroleum and other types of pipelines with a wide range of issues related to securing rights to install pipelines across Indiana. This includes regulatory and environmental permitting and compliance; due diligence and property valuation for the procurement of purchase of necessary property; training of land agents on protocols, procedures and necessary documentation; and right-of-way acquisition through eminent domain in State and Federal Courts.

Experienced Indiana Pipeline Attorneys

Our law firm has a long history of advising and representing clients operating natural gas, natural gas liquids, petroleum, CO2 and other types of pipelines in Indiana. The firm’s expertise extends to handling the variety of right-of-way, environmental and other matters that arise from pipeline operations, including defending pipeline rights-of-way against encroachment and other legal challenges. We also represent pipeline companies in connection with personal injury, property damage and environmental claims. Our experienced pipeline attorneys have worked with environmental officials and landowners to resolve liabilities associated with pipeline releases.

Pipeline Construction and Operation Legal Services

We are well-versed in the legal issues associated with pipeline construction and operation. Hackman Hulett attorneys have assisted with selecting pipeline routes, obtaining market studies and appraisals necessary for acquisition of easements and related rights-of-way for gas pipeline facilities, and establishing the procedures and documentation needed for effective right-of-way acquisition. Our firm’s experienced attorneys also have worked with and appeared before a wide range of local, state and federal governmental bodies to secure needed permits and other approvals, including US Army Corps of Engineers, the US Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management, the Indiana Pipeline Safety Division, and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. Our firm has even assisted with legislative efforts to secure the right of eminent domain for pipeline companies. And we have resisted efforts infringing upon the right of pipeline companies to condemn property in Indiana.

Rights-of-Way, Condemnation and Eminent Domain

Regarding condemnation, our firm has been very active in representing pipeline companies. We help them exercise the power of eminent domain under Indiana and federal law. Our firm’s knowledgeable attorneys have advised and represented several of the nation’s largest pipeline companies concerning pipeline infrastructure projects in Indiana. We have helped clients obtain access to properties in order to conduct surveys and other examinations, declaratory judgments preempting local ordinances which conflict with the Natural Gas Act, Orders Confirming Condemnation Authority and Orders Granting Immediate Possession under the Natural Gas Act, and fair compensation judgments.

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