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Indiana Real Estate Lawyers Who Can Manage Conflicts & Resolve Disputes

Disputes often go hand in hand with real estate development and construction and transactions. It’s just an unfortunate side effect of conducting business. Our experienced Indianapolis real estate lawyers have handled all types of litigation, arbitration and mediation related to real estate and construction disputes. We know how to manage conflicts and address issues before they overwhelm your business.

Real Estate and Construction Disputes

Because real estate and construction are complex industries with many people, dollars and emotions involved, disputes are unavoidable. Disputes may develop over breached contracts, lack of progress, defective materials, defective designs, staffing concerns, injuries, mechanics and construction liens, construction delays, stop-work orders, permit problems, purchase agreement disputes, land use, zoning, drainage, or unforeseen and undisclosed environmental issues.

Real Estate and Construction Dispute Legal Services

Our real estate and construction dispute resolution services cover the full gamut of issues that your business may face. Sometimes we are involved at the very beginning of a dispute when an issue is first identified. Other times we are brought in later, just before litigation. Many times, our Indianapolis real estate lawyers can avoid litigation altogether by representing clients in settlement negotiations, arbitration or mediation.

The Business Behind Real Estate & Construction Disputes

Let our attorneys handle any real estate or construction dispute that may arise so that you can continue to focus on conducting business as usual.

Real Estate Construction Disputes Our Attorneys Handle

Our attorneys have represented clients in cases as simple as the delayed issuance of a building permit, up to complex commercial design standards that were designed incorrectly and installed improperly. For instance, incorrect roofing or concrete work for residential structures, to improper ductwork for a large commercial warehouse, mis-designed drainage for residential subdivisions and golf courses, and unforeseen and undisclosed site conditions.

The Right Indianapolis Real Estate Lawyers For Your Situation

Regardless of the size and scale of a project, or the stage of a real estate or construction dispute, our clients rely on our experienced Indiana real estate attorneys to resolve their issues with skill and speed.

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Contact us online, or call our Downtown Indianapolis office at 317-636-5401 or our Northside office at 317-344-211. Discuss your real estate or construction dispute directly with a seasoned real estate attorney. We will listen to you and determine the best way to handle your concerns. You can count on personalized, straightforward and efficient service.

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