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Our law firm was established on business and real estate legal services nearly a century ago. These are our core practice areas and what we are best known for. Over time, we have expanded our offerings to provide a full gamut of legal services. Now clients trust us with everything from estate planning and litigation to pipelines and criminal defense. Our experienced attorneys can help you navigate whatever legal challenges you may face.

Indianapolis Business Lawyers

For businesses large and small across Indiana, we provide legal services ranging from financing, tax and regulatory compliance, to employment law and business acquisition, disposition, formation and dissolution. Here are a few of the business legal services our attorneys handle:

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Indianapolis Real Estate Attorneys

As one of our core practice areas, real estate law is in our firm’s DNA. We’ve been dedicated to real estate legal services for generations of attorneys, and every attorney at Hackman Hulett LLP today is experienced in this area. A few of our real estate law services include:

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Litigation and Personal Injury

Our skilled litigators assist with business disputes, contract litigation, insurance coverage, unfair competition, defense and indemnity agreements, employment and non-compete agreements, insurance subrogation, criminal defense and personal injury. In addition to representing clients in trials and appeals, we also handle mediation and arbitration.

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Estate Planning & Administration

Through our highly personalized estate planning and administration services, we guide our clients through the challenges and legalities of planning for and administering their estate in the event of death or disability. This includes optimizing the transfer of assets; retirement and healthcare planning; representing and counseling fiduciaries, and working with financial advisors.

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Health Care Legal Services

We represent individual healthcare providers, administrators and healthcare facilities such as managed care facilities and nursing homes. We handle licensing issues for individual providers and healthcare facilities, as well as complex litigation affecting multiple people, patients, caregivers and administrators.

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Professional License Defense

With unique experience representing both sides of professional licensing cases—as prosecutors and as defense attorneys—our firm’s attorneys can represent nearly anyone who is licensed in the state of Indiana. From doctors and therapists to realtors and other licensed trades, our clients rely on our vast experience defending professional licenses in administrative settings and in front of licensing boards.

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Criminal Defense

Our experienced criminal defense attorneys have represented clients in hundreds of jury trials across the state of Indiana. We have secured not-guilty verdicts in Federal and State courts for nearly every type of criminal law, including battery, theft, burglary, robbery, securities fraud, drugs, drunk driving, juvenile offenses, sex crimes, traffic tickets, weapons charges and appeals.

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We assist interstate natural gas, natural gas liquids, petroleum and other types of pipelines with securing rights to install pipelines across Indiana. This includes regulatory and environmental permitting and compliance; due diligence and property valuation for procuring property; training land agents on protocols, procedures and documentation; and right-of-way acquisition through eminent domain.

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Government & Municipal Utility Legal Services

We help municipal utilities with issues related to electric, water, wastewater and telecommunication utilities. This includes regulatory matters, assisting with land acquisition, dealing with HR issues, handling bidding procedures and RFPs for large public works projects. We also represent townships and municipalities in general board governance issues, insurance matters, board formation and management, and Plan Commissions in planning and zoning issues.

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As a smaller firm, we offer more personalized service than many larger law firms. Your personal attorney will follow your case from beginning to end. Our experienced attorneys are always available to directly answer your questions. This straightforward approach is more cost-effective and efficient for you.

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