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If you are starting, converting or dissolving a business, it is important to set out on the right foot. Our Indianapolis business lawyers help take care of the details so you can begin, or end, your business with confidence.

Attorneys For Business Formation and Dissolution

Our Indianapolis business attorneys help establish business entities in many diverse areas: from small and large businesses, to start-ups, to real estate companies, to real estate investment partnerships, to farm trusts, to co-op entities for multinational manufacturing corporations. Our business lawyers assist clients from small entrepreneurs who are just starting a business, to multinational companies expanding into different countries, and everyone in between. Our business law firm has also been involved in some of Indiana’s largest business mergers and acquisitions. Clients in other states routinely rely on our business attorneys to help with their local operations.

Structurally Sound Business Formation and Dissolution Law Services

Whether you are just starting out as a sole proprietor, or you want to convert your business to an LLC, LLP, S corp or other entity, our Indianapolis business attorneys can guide you toward the best formation for your business goals. Our lawyers think ahead so you’re ready to expand when the time is right. By creating the ideal business structure now, you are well-positioned for growth and investment in the future.

Let Us Help You Avoid Common Business Formation, Operation & Dissolution Pitfalls

Some of the main problems our lawyers see with business formations and dissolutions include having the wrong organizational structure in place, failing to determine successorship, and using basic organizing documents that may miss many issues that may cause problems later. We also assist clients with proper documentation and corporate formalities, including annual resolutions and essential record-keeping matters.

Often, it helps business owners to talk through issues they may face. As seasoned business formation and dissolution attorneys, we can be the ideal sounding boards and guides for organizing your best business formation and implementing proper operational procedures.

Our Processes For Business Formation and Dissolution

These are a few examples of law processes our business attorneys manage for business formation and dissolution:

  • Outlining all available options and helping clients select the form their business will take
  • Advising clients on the advantages and disadvantages of various types of business entities, in particular, with regard to tax implications, preserving the corporate form, and protecting against personal liability
  • Guiding clients toward developing a clear understanding of the scope of goods or services their business will provide
  • Drafting business agreements
  • Ensuring clients comply with applicable licensing and filing requirements
  • Dealing with employment contracts and common employment issues
  • Managing real estate purchases, sales, leases, and transfers
  • Resolving creditors’ claims
  • Filing necessary dissolution documents with the State of Indiana
  • Arranging for the payment of taxes and filing of tax returns
  • Handling dissolution of shareholder or partnership agreements
  • Negotiating and resolving potential shareholder or partner disputes

Why Choose Our Indianapolis Business Attorneys?

When you reach out to Hackman Hulett LLP, you will connect directly with an experienced Indiana business attorney who will treat you with care and respect. We offer straightforward and efficient service, which ultimately saves time and money.

The Right Indiana Business Law Firm

Our attorneys at Hackman Hulett LLP are experienced in business law. It is a core practice area for our Firm. Our Indianapolis business lawyers have decades of experience and success in representing clients in business law transactions and litigation. We look forward to helping you with your issue.

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