Indianapolis Real Estate Attorneys

Our Real Estate Lawyers Can Help You Enter—and Exit—Buying or Selling Agreements

Every property has its own set of circumstances for acquiring, encumbering or transferring the real estate. Our Indianapolis real estate attorneys handle all types of transactions for all types of real estate, including transfers, assignments, leases, sales and tax.

Real Estate Acquisitions and Dispositions

We have broad experience helping a variety of real estate clients with acquisitions and dispositions. Our real estate attorneys assist everyone from individual homeowners and small builders to large developers, governments and farmers. We help them, in various capacities, to sell or acquire land or property.

Properties Our Real Estate Attorneys Handle

Our skilled real estate lawyers regularly handle documenting, negotiating and closing real estate transactions for commercial, private, nonprofit, bank and governmental clients. We do this for a variety of properties, including vacant land, sports complexes, office, retail, industrial, healthcare, education, residential, parking garages, multi-use facilities and specialty-use properties.

Real Estate Acquisition and Disposition Services

Our real estate acquisition and disposition services include such things as spotting anomalies in the title, reviewing closing statements and dealing with environmental issues revealed by Phase 1 or Phase 2 Environmental inspections. Our Indianapolis real estate lawyers also review closing statements and settlement statements, and handle escrow disputes. We assist clients with commercial real estate matters as well as residential.

Exiting Real Estate Agreements Gracefully

We often help clients after issues are discovered in title work or undisclosed environmental problems. We show clients how to negotiate a way out of purchase agreements or creative after-sale resolutions.

Whether you want to acquire or sell property, our services can help with all aspects of getting into, and out of, agreements.

Real Estate Law Thought Leaders

Our influential partners serve on various civic organizations and real estate-related committees. Other professionals seek out our knowledge on real estate law matters because of our generations of experience in the field.

Choose Our Indiana Real Estate Attorneys for Help with Acquisitions and Dispositions

Reach out to Hackman Hulett LLP and connect with an experienced Indiana real estate attorney who will treat you with care and respect. We are here to give you straightforward and effective service; your satisfaction is our goal.

The Right Indianapolis Real Estate Lawyers for Acquisitions & Dispositions

Every attorney at our firm is experienced in real estate law—it’s one of our core practice areas. We have a long track record of successfully representing clients in real estate acquisitions and dispositions. We handle the details of every transaction with the utmost efficiency.

Connect with an Experienced Indiana Real Estate Attorney

Contact us online, or call our Downtown Indianapolis office at 317-636-5401 or our Northside office at 317-344-2111. Our experienced attorneys will speak with you directly to make a meaningful determination about how best to represent your interests. Discuss your real estate acquisition or disposition issue directly with a seasoned real estate attorney. We will take time to listen and determine the best course of action.

Our experienced real estate attorneys will speak with you directly to make a meaningful determination about how best to represent your case.