Residential Real Estate Lawyers In Indianapolis

Residential Real Estate Law – Representing you at every step

Real estate purchases are high-value, high-dollar transactions for buyers, sellers, brokers, agents and property owners. Unfortunately, mistakes can be costly. That is why it is important to protect yourself with services from a highly qualified Indianapolis residential real estate lawyer.

Residential Real Estate Law Services

Through our residential real estate law services, our Indianapolis residential real estate lawyers can represent you prior to, during, and post-sale. We handle issues with purchase agreements, purchase disputes, performance and damage claims, real estate disclosures, land contracts, easements, survey issues, rights of way, boundary and title disputes, and deed gaps and overlaps on title issues.

Real Estate Agency Law

Our skillful Indianapolis residential real estate attorneys advise buyers and sellers, as well as real estate brokers, agents, principal brokers, title companies and appraisers. We understand all aspects of real estate agency law. We are adept at litigation, administrative claims, risk management, licensing and dispute resolution.

Residential Real Estate Law Thought Leaders

Our partners serve on various civic organizations and real estate-related committees. Other professionals seek out our knowledge on real estate law matters because we’re viewed as experts in our field, with decades of experience

Residential Real Estate Law Processes

Here are some examples of residential real estate law processes we manage:

  • Reviewing real estate contracts and ensuring the language protects your interests
  • Handling legal issues regarding liens against the property
  • Assuring the seller has a marketable and clear title to the property
  • Preparing for and attending closings
  • Ensuring all documents are properly signed and drafted
  • Handling any problems that may occur on the closing date
  • Advising on whether the closing should go forward if there are problems
  • Ensuring the deed is properly recorded
  • Handling litigation involving any defects that the seller had a duty to disclose
  • Resolving disputes regarding property borders, boundary lines and easements
  • Drafting lease and purchase agreements and preparing contracts
  • Handling foreclosures

Why Choose Our Indiana Real Estate Lawyers?

When you reach out to Hackman Hulett LLP, you will connect directly with an experienced Indiana real estate attorney who will treat you with care and respect. We are here to give you the most straightforward and efficient service possible. Your satisfaction is our main goal.

The Right Residential Real Estate Attorneys For Your Case

Every attorney at Hackman Hulett LLP is experienced in real estate law. It is a core practice area for our firm, and it’s why clients and other professionals see us an authority on Indiana residential real estate law matters. We have decades of experience of successfully representing clients in residential real estate transactions and litigation. We look forward to helping you with your transaction.

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