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We offer a broad range of legal services in regulatory affairs and governmental compliance, including securities and tax law. By combining our extensive industry experience with sound business advice, our business attorneys can counsel you through a variety of complex legal matters.

Indiana Attorneys For Regulatory and Governmental Compliance

Our Indianapolis business lawyers understand the ins and outs of regulatory and governmental compliance, especially relating to securities and tax law. Whether we are representing licensed securities brokers in front of FINRA, helping national clients with Indiana state tax laws, or appearing on behalf of taxpayers or businesses in tax court, we have the knowledge and experience to advocate for your best interests.

Legal Services for Securities Clients

Our Indianapolis business lawyers represent licensed securities brokers and assist them with regulatory and administrative matters. This includes representing brokers before FINRA, the SEC and the State of Indiana Securities Division. We handle security arbitration and litigation, security employment disputes and professional licensing defense. We also help transition securities groups from one entity to another, even if that must happen in the middle of a Friday night.


We serve as local counsel for New York attorneys who deal with the SEC and need representation for clients in Indiana. We have strong relationships with some of the top securities firms in New York and elsewhere.

Qualified Business Tax Attorneys

Our firm assists local, regional and national clients in connection with a variety of Indiana taxes imposed at the state level, including Indiana’s gross receipts tax, sales and use tax, adjusted gross income tax and supplemental net income tax. Such representations include advising clients concerning the applicability of a tax and available procedures for objecting to and protesting notices of proposed assessment of additional taxes; appearing on behalf of taxpayers before the Indiana Department of Revenue to contest proposed tax assessments; preparing claims for refunds; and suing for refunds or other relief in the Indiana Tax Court.


Our experienced Indianapolis business attorneys also advise and represent clients in connection with Indiana’s real property and business personal property taxes. In the course of such representations, attorneys will handle matters before local county taxing officials, as well as Indiana’s Department of Local Government Finance and the Indiana Tax Court.

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When you reach out to Hackman Hulett LLP, you will connect directly with an experienced attorney who will treat you with care and respect. We offer personalized, straightforward and efficient legal service.

The Right Indianapolis Regulatory and Governmental Compliance Attorneys

Our lawyers at Hackman Hulett LLP are well versed in business law. It is a core practice area for our firm. We have decades of experience representing clients in regulatory and governmental compliance issues, including securities and tax. Contact us to see how we can help you with your issue.

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