Business Lawyers In Indianapolis

Business Attorneys Providing In-depth legal representation for business transactions

Our Indiana business attorneys know the complexities of purchasing or selling a business. We help our clients deeply understand the business they are buying or selling, and ensure contracts protect their interests.

Attorneys For Buying & Selling A Business

When buying or selling a business, we can help with asset valuation and purchase agreements, as well as licensing and franchise agreements. Our attorneys represent clients starting with pre-negotiation, assisting with the financing process, obtaining commitment letters, providing opinion letters, and closing the transaction.

Representing Buyers in Business Transactions

When representing buyers, we approach business owners and make offers, and aid in negotiating the purchase process. While negotiating a deal, we also help negotiate whether owners or employees will stay on, whether non-compete agreements exist, and whether other agreements should be put in place for the party owner.

Representing Sellers in Business Transactions

When representing a seller, our business attorneys make sure the buyer has done their due diligence. We want to ensure it is a bona fide buyer who has the ability to close. We also help negotiate the deal—whether the seller will stay on for a year or two, whether there are non-compete agreements, non-disclosure agreements—all the way to the actual completion of the transaction.

Our Business Transaction Law Processes

These are a few examples of law processes our Indianapolis business lawyers manage for transactions such as buying and selling businesses:

  • Counsel clients on how to best structure a deal
  • Implement Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)
  • Draft, modify and review purchase agreements and non-compete clauses
  • Ensure purchase agreements protect clients’ business interests
  • Draft promissory notes and security agreements
  • Advise clients on lease rights and restrictions
  • Verify whether the business has complied with all local, county and State of Indiana laws
  • Ensure proper zoning of the business location
  • Research and inform clients of corporate history such as back taxes, debts and civil liabilities
  • Prepare buyers for purchasing stock, company assets or membership interests of an existing company
  • Counsel sellers on how they should get paid, whether to finance the sale for the buyer, and how to get to a successful closing
  • Advocate for clients to protect their rights

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