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With the personalized attention, we give each client, our estate planning customers come to feel like family. We give them the advice and counsel we’d give to our own family members as we guide them through the challenges and legalities of planning for their estate. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for our clients to create a plan that will protect their loved ones and assets in the event of disability or death.

Personalized Estate Planning

The experienced estate planning and administration attorneys at Hackman Hulett LLP know that planning for your estate is a very personal process and not just a business transaction. We even make house calls, coming to your home or office to discuss your estate planning needs. We will meet you wherever is most convenient for you.

Estate Planning Law Services

Our estate planning lawyers not only prepare wills and trusts, but we also assist clients with retirement planning, charitable giving, preserving and transferring business interests, minimizing taxes and preparing powers of attorney.

Optimizing the Transfer of Assets

Our skilled attorneys start by analyzing tax and other issues relevant to you and your family, business and financial situation. Then we provide counsel on estate and financial planning that optimizes the transfer of assets before and after death.

For larger estates, when a client must complete a federal estate tax return Form 706, or a federal gift tax return Form 709, we are adept at handling all these details. We also guide individuals and fiduciaries in will and trust contests or disputes, when necessary.

Retirement and Healthcare Planning

Our firm’s attorneys are well-versed in retirement benefits, including IRAs and qualified plans. We can make recommendations on how to direct such benefits to permit the greatest economic advantage. Our attorneys also prepare and counsel clients on powers of attorney, healthcare powers, special needs planning and living wills.

Representing and Counseling Fiduciaries

The knowledgeable attorneys at Hackman Hulett LLP represent individual and corporate fiduciaries in connection with trust, estate and guardianship administration. We assist and advise personal representatives, trustees and guardians regarding pre-death asset management, post-mortem planning and general estate and trust administration.

We assist and advise our clients in filing the correct paperwork with the probate court and selecting the best format to administer assets, such as an unsupervised estate, supervised estate, small estate affidavit proceedings or summary proceedings. Selecting the best format and approach to a probate court filing can save thousands of dollars as well as defeat creditor claims.

We also represent fiduciaries in litigation and tax matters.

Estate Planning Lawyers Who Are Trusted by Financial Advisors

We are trusted by financial planners and major financial institutions. We are referred by these financial planners to do estate planning for their clients.

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When you reach out to Hackman Hulett LLP, you will connect with an experienced estate planning attorney who will treat you with care and respect. We offer personalized, straightforward and efficient service.

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Our attorneys at Hackman Hulett LLP are well-versed estate planning. From wills and trusts to retirement planning and minimizing taxes, we can help you prepare for the future.

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Contact us online, or call our Downtown Indianapolis office at 317-636-5401 or our Northside office at 317-344-2111. Discuss your goals directly with a seasoned attorney. We can help you navigate complex issues related to planning for your estate.

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