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Clear contracts help prevent lawsuits

With the right contract language in place, the parties have clearly defined roles, with delineated expectations and consequences. Working with skilled employment and business agreement attorneys can help avoid misunderstandings that lead to disputes, which can end up in the court room.

Employment Agreement and Business Agreement Services

It is important to hire an experienced business attorney to draft employment agreements and business agreements. These agreements help set obligations and frame expectations for all involved parties. For instance, in employment agreements and employee handbooks, these documents spell out job duties, compensation (including commissions and PTO) and grounds for termination. Our skilled business lawyers help ensure agreements are drafted correctly to establish clear understanding, avoid miscommunication or gray areas, and protect your business interests.

Business Contract Drafting and Negotiation Services

Drafting and negotiating contracts are the foundation of our employment agreement and business agreement services. We know from experience what language and details must be included in these contracts in order to avoid future disputes.

Properly drafted agreements can help you avoid problems that may come up in the future. We have seen the unfortunate results of vague, incomplete or even the wrong contract language. That is why it is critical to work with experienced attorneys who know how to draft a contract. The knowledgeable business attorneys at Hackman Hulett LLP can draft contracts that hold up in court and, better yet, help prevent legal battles altogether.

Types of Business Agreements Our Attorneys Handle

When you use our services to set up employment agreements, employee handbooks or business agreements, you will likely work with the same attorney during the entire process. Types of agreements we handle include:

  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Employment Contracts
  • Non-compete Agreements
  • Sale or Right of First Refusal Agreements
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Codes of Conduct
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Operating Agreements

Who Our Attorneys Represent in Employment Agreements and Business Agreements

We have experience representing both sides in employment agreements and business contracts. For example, in non-compete agreements, we have represented employers who are trying to enforce post-employment provisions, and we have represented employees who are having trouble determining whether or not the non-compete applies or how to navigate the issue with new employers. We can help you navigate contracts, no matter which side you are on.

Why Choose Hackman Hulett Indiana Business Lawyers?

When you reach out to Hackman Hulett LLP, you will connect directly with an experienced business attorney who can effectively manage and solve your issue. We offer personalized, straightforward and efficient service.

The Right Indianapolis Business Attorneys for Contract Drafting and Negotiation

Every attorney at Hackman Hulett LLP is experienced in business law. We have successfully represented clients in drafting and negotiating business contracts and employment agreements for more than 90 years. Reach out to see how we can help you.

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